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Gilt Edged Travel is a Bournemouth based, executive chauffeur service that aims to meet, and exceed, the demands of the discerning client, using high specification Jaguar limousines.


The proprietor, and lead chauffeur, served as a Dorset Police Officer for 30 years until his  retirement in 2011, during which time he qualified as a Police Advanced Driver. All Gilt Edged Travel chauffeurs are similarly qualified


Our aim and passion is to provide a service that focuses on three critical areas -


                                          Safety  -  Security  -  Serenity


Your safety is our number one priority, and is assured because we only use retired Police Officers who have been professionally trained to the highest standards.


Your security is guaranteed. You will be dealing with chauffeurs who have a proven track record of integrity and discretion.


Serenity is delivered as you glide along in the sublime comfort of our top of the range, long wheelbase, Jaguar limousines, driven by those who take a genuine pride in their driving skills.






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